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Draftwell Products, LLC is a veteran owned business headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. Our products have been sold in numerous countries around the world, but all our taps are made right here in the United States. We aim to change the industry of beer pouring with one goal in mind: helping every bar, stadium, and arena pour faster and stop wasting beer.

Let's Talk About How Draftwell Can Increase Your Draft Beer Revenue.

We get it. Running a stadium is not only extremely time consuming, but it is extremely stressful. You have thousands of customers waiting for their beer, you can't pour fast enough, your yields aren't letting you get the most out of every keg, and people even leave the line because your team can't crank out enough beers between innings, quarters, or halftime. Trust us, we can help solve all that. Here's how:

What makes us better than the rest?

Bottom Flow Technology.

The key to our patented tap is having the beer flow from the bottom. The QuickDraw Beer Tap allows draft beer to flow through the tap at lightning speeds and out through the bottom of the spout through its spaced teeth. By doing this, it pours beer in the cup as fast as possible with no excess foam and no spillage.

Plug and Play. Easy as that.

A tap that pays for itself. Seriously.

There are about 2,000 fluid ounces in a keg. The approximate yield per keg currently in bars is only 80% (1,600 fluid ounces), but with our taps the average yield is around 95% (1,900 fluid ounces). Basically, that is around 300 EXTRA ounces of beer you can sell per keg. When you break that down, that is 24 additional 12 oz servings, and at $8 per serving, that is $195 in EXTRA revenue per keg. By making the switch to our patented tap, you will not only make your money back in under 2 kegs, but also earn ADDITIONAL PROFIT for every keg after that.

Better Yield. Faster Pours.

"We got a 27% increase in yield by switching to the QuickDraw Tap"

Guaranteed Rate Field - Chicago White Sox

"We were sold in seconds. Taps paid for themselves within the first day of using them on St. Patrick's Day, they were the smartest investment we have made"

Al's Pub and Grill

"Target Field in Minneapolis, home of the Twins, installed Draftwell taps and increased its keg yield from 87 to 94 percent"

Target Field - Minnesota Twins

"Ingenious design and our bartenders love how easy it is to pour a beer"

Smitty's Ale House

"The new Draftwell taps installed throughout the ballpark cut down pour times from a 14-second average to five seconds"

Suntrust Park - Atlanta Braves

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